Thursday, April 8, 2010

I think there might be a good chance I like soccer.

I've spent a good portion of my life around soccer: the ball, the gear, the game, the rules, the refs, the players, coaching, teaching, directing, scorekeeping, etc.
I spent my youth playing for clubs and high school, Impact, Firebirds, East High, and then Southern Virginia University. Where, I am fortunate enough to say we won a national championship whilst I was a freshman, and I became captain my second year there. Now, I know. .. . It's just a small school. But those games were just as competitive and just as hard fought as most. I love to play.

It's safe to say, that I love playing soccer, and can indeed play every day. Over the past 2 years I spent my spare time coaching, and decided that if I could make it through one tournament I would love coaching... well this tournament included me coaching 4 teams and 6-7 games per day for 2 straight, and then a few stragglers on the 3rd day. I loved it!!

Soccer has always been such an influential tool in my life, and I don't know what I would do without it. I have learned so many life lessons from soccer, so many lessons that I have been able to apply to life off the field, or from a different perspective. I think its safe to say, I have found a safe haven in soccer, and although I know I have a few others, it is nice to know this one is year round.

Grab a stick and strap me to it, and push me down a mountain.

Snowboarding has been a love of my life for years, years and years. about, 10 years now I have been shredding the best powder on the planet. today was no exception, it was heavy though, but fast. 11 runs in 3 hours... I will be sore tomorrow. I can't explain my love in words for this, so let me throw some pictures up for the sake of it. these come from today, and from this season, I am just truly and continually grateful that I live in such an awesome place where I have access to so many different activities and sports.
In this picture are the two best people to ride with, my brother and sister, John and Annie.

A little bit of fresh air never hurt anyone right?

Rise and Rise again, until the lamb becomes the lion... AKA, I was the ruler of the mountain that day.

Always need a good stash of Gear!

Myself, Rily and John. Getting ready for a 11 run day.

 Panoramic of our view. Priceless, gorgeous, breathtaking. Loved every minute. Thanks Brighton!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guns don't kill people, people with mustaches do..

So. I have found that a secret passion of mine is target shooting. I won't get too technical for making myself sound the fool, but I am a superb/excellent shot with a "festival" of guns. (meaning a lot) I usually head out west of Utah Lake with my great friend Chris, and this time we took along Ariel, and my little brother John. This day of weaponry was no exception to the usual fun. We took up coconuts, half filled gatorade bottles, water bottles, and anything else we could find no use for that would explode. A great way to explore the laws of physics... will a coconut make a bigger explosion than a bottle of gatorade? I am proud to say, I hit every target I aimed for, ranging from 10 feet to 100 yards. (In a small amount of shots, if not the first). 
 So. Now you know about my not-so-secret passion of shooting, and I guess I can share some pictures of our festivities.
We all had much to SAFE fun. safety first people, and no, no mustaches were present.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Du...Du....Dutorious Clothing!

So. About two years ago, I started a clothing line, that was brilliant. It is named dutorious, click here - ha. It works... Anyway, I love designing, drawing, throwing a spin on the way we see the world, and what we wear in it. Dutorious Clothing was born, and I have been loving the creations ever since. I love to wear it, I love to see other people wear DUT, I love to give it away...(occasionally...don't be asking for freebees) My favorite part is that It is my own clothing line, it is my company, I had a company at 20! How awesome is that. I took something that I thought would take forever to formulate, and had it made up and turned into my very own legitimate business at the age of 20. Think what I have accomplished since then... and what I can do in the same amount of time this day forward? Impossible? no. Improbable, maybe. Going to happen? Yes.

This was one of the first pictures of Dutorious in it's current form. Christmas day, both in reality and figuratively.

 And here following are a few photos from the first Utah Dutorious photo shoot.
Chris Jones
Lauren Ricks
Natalie Durham
Sam Cook
Eric Phillips